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Jam / Speed Skates

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Labeda Voodoo U-7 White

Yes it's leather, yes the sole is stitched, and yes the sole is leather. The most affordable leather, stitched sole skate on the market!

Pacer 429 Pro Roller Skate

Pacer's given an old favorite a brand new look and a more attractive price.
$112.00 $87.97

Pacer ATA 600

Pacer makes a statement with their all new ATA-600 skates!

Pacer ATA 600 - Purple

Pacer makes a statement with their all new ATA-600 skates!

Pacer GTX-500 (P-217) Roller Skate

Finally an entry-level speed skate, that's available in white too. This new model from Pacer will help get you rollin'!
$67.00 $59.00

Pacer Raven 800 (P-260)

Finally, an affordable skate that features a leather boot.
$99.00 $83.97

Pacer Tarmac F-400

Pacer gets a little more serious with the F-400!
$115.00 $109.00

Pacer Vapor 7 (P-220)

This all new Pacer skate is perfect for all the young rink rats.
$84.00 $72.97

Riedell Desolation Roll

The Desolation Roll from Riedell is definitely as viscious as it sounds.
$935.00 $699.00

Riedell Monster Complete Jam Skate

THE Skates for any Derby Girl skating on coated rink floors who loves aluminum wheels & plates.

Riedell's The Bomber

Strap them on and hit the track, whether it be flat or banked.
$947.00 $845.97

Riedell's The Rounder

Zoom round and round in the Rounder!
$299.00 $225.97

Rock Black with Solid Flames

Rock now offers their popular Flame package in black with solid pink, blue, green, or red flames.
$159.00 $149.00

Rock Flame

The Rock Flame is available in Tri-Color or Ghost(gray).
$144.00 $125.00

Rock GT-50

One of the best-selling available today. Now comes in white.
$175.00 $109.00

Rock GT50 Plus Light Skate

The GT-50 skate package features a synthetic leather boot, ROCK plate, GT-50 swirl wheels, ABEC -5 bearings, and a Carrera speed toe stop. LED sole!!!!

Rock Pink Flame

A percentage of every sale of this all-pink skate is donated to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.
$144.00 $125.00

Rock White Flame

Rock now offers their popular Flame package in white with pink or blue flames.
$144.00 $125.00

Rock Yellow Flame

You'll never lose these skates in a crowd. An all-new color from Rock.
$144.00 $125.00

Sure- Grip The Page

This skate is sweet to look at, but it's got a hint of danger. A nice mix of naughty, but nice.
$542.00 $495.97

Sure-Grip Boxer

Sure-Grip's Boxer will have you floatin' like a butterfly.
$131.00 $112.89