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Jam / Speed Skates

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Sure- Grip The Page

This skate is sweet to look at, but it's got a hint of danger. A nice mix of naughty, but nice.
$542.00 $495.97

Sure-Grip Boxer

Sure-Grip's Boxer will have you floatin' like a butterfly.
$131.00 $112.89

Sure-Grip Boxer Hit Man

Add some bling to the Boxer by adding some Clawz wheels.
$168.00 $125.89

Sure-Grip Challenger

Offers the components of a much more expensive skate, without breaking the bank.
$334.00 $245.97

Sure-Grip Challenger 2

This skate gives you a leather boot with a plate that provides a firm foundation.
$394.00 $310.97

Sure-Grip Champion ADV Roller Skate

Top-Of-The-Line Speed/Jam skate from Sure-Grip.
$799.00 $670.97

Sure-Grip Champion LAX Roller Skate

The Champion LAX features a great old-school look.
$689.00 $559.97

Sure-Grip Champion XK Roller Skate

Great all-around skate featuring the durable XK4 plate.
$549.00 $448.97

Sure-Grip Contender

Rise to the top of the ranks with the Contender.
$239.00 $185.97

Sure-Grip D&D Roller Skate

All-New Skate from Sure-Grip.
$339.00 $295.97

Sure-Grip Mentor

To be a mentor to others, you must have the respect of others. One look at these skates and others will know you're to be respected.
$763.00 $625.97

Sure-Grip Rebel Fugitive

The Fugitive wheel makes this a true Derby skate.
$170.00 $167.89

Sure-Grip Rebel Rebel

The all-leather Rebel is for the serious rink rat. It is also a great first skate for Derby.
$149.00 $142.97

Sure-Grip Rebel Twister

Add a little twist to the Rebel.
$161.00 $156.89

Sure-Grip Thump Roller Skate

Sometimes you have to give a little thump to let people know you're there on the track.
$479.00 $355.97

Sure-Grip Twisted Boxer

Get twisted with this version of the Boxer.
$187.00 $160.89

Vanilla Brass Knuckle Sunlite Fugitive

25% off this weekend ONLY! July 14-15, 2012

Vanilla Curve 2.0 PowerTrac Revenge

Hot New Price!
$679.00 $611.00

Vanilla Curve 2.0 Sunlite Remix Lite

Popular Vanilla Curve!
$399.00 $359.00

Vanilla Curve 2.0 Sunlite Remix Lite

Vanilla Curve Boot with RC Sunlite Plate, Backspin Remix Lite Wheels, QUBE 8-Ball Bearings, and ROCK Jam Plugs.
$389.00 $349.00

Vanilla Curve 2.0 XK4 D-Rod

Vanilla Curve Boot with XK-4 Plate, D-Rod Wheels, and China Bones Bearings.
$469.00 $422.00