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Skate plates are very critical to a high performance ride. Many skates come stock with decent plates but for the optimal ride, upgrading your plates is one of the best ways to improve performance. We stock both single action and double action chassis from Marathon, Pacer, Sure-Grip, Laser, Snyder, Atlas, PowerDyne and Roll Line. These plates are made in a variety of matrials for lightweight chasis. From nylon plates to aircraft aluminum, SkateMob's got it all.
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Atlas Skate Plus

Aluminum plate comes with adjustable toe stops, 15 degree double-action trucks with 7mm axles.
188,97 ₽

Bont Ignite Derby Skate Plate

The Ignite is a light weight and strong plate with 8mm axles and 16 degree action. Perfect for Roller Derby!
42,00 ₽

Bont Infinity Skate Plate

The only plate that gives you the freedom to set your skates up any way you want! (Includes free skate tool)
300,00 ₽

Dominion Marathon 2

Cast aluminum plates come with fixed toe stops and 15 degree double-action trucks.
21,99 ₽

Labeda ProLine Skate Plate

The ProLine is back! This is a top of the line all-aluminum USA made plate.
429,00 ₽

Laser Elite Stopless Plate Complete

Same nylon plate as the Laser Hardnose, but without toe stops.
210,00 ₽

Laser Hard Nose Plate Complete

Old School nylon plate comes with adjustable toe stops and 45 degree single-action trucks.
265,00 ₽ 215,00 ₽

Luigino Pilot Falcon Plus Plate

16 Degree Truck Angle - Forged 7075 Trucks - 8mm Axles Adjustable Pivot - Base-CNC 6065 T6 Aircraft Aluminum Show More King Pin Micro-Adjustable Lock Nut/Washer High Rebound Urethane Bushings - Bionic Toe Stop - Oversized, Rubber
199,95 ₽

Marathon 4

Plastic plates come with fixed toe stops and 15 degree double-action trucks.
23,97 ₽

Octane 7000 Pro Plates

Coming Soon! Fits boot sizes 4-13.
270,00 ₽ 220,00 ₽

Pacer Resistor

Nylon plates in black, chrome, or blue chrome finish. Comes with adjustable toe stops and 15 degree double-action trucks.
44,95 ₽

Pilot Viper Plate

Inexpensive nylon plate. 16 Degree Truck Angle - 8mm Axles. One Piece Cast Truck - Base is Zytel Composite. Steel King Pin - Urethane Bushings. Bionic Toe Stop - Rubber
90,00 ₽

PowerDyne Dyna-Pro

Aircraft aluminum plates come with 15 degree double-action trucks.
129,00 ₽

Rock Nylon

These nylon, double-action plates come in 9 different colors. Customize your skates.
47,50 ₽

Roll-Line Navigator Plate

Best plate made from Roll Line.
399,00 ₽

Snyder Advantage Plate

Aircraft aluminum plate comes with adjustable toe stops, 15 degree double-action trucks, and 7mm axles.
425,00 ₽

Snyder Super Deluxe

Polished aluminum plate comes with 15 degree double-action trucks, adjustable pivot pins, 7mm axles.
298,88 ₽

Sunlite Plate Complete with Trucks

This plate has a Lifetime Guarantee and can be used for recreation, roller derby, speed, or jam skating.
69,00 ₽

Sure Grip Avenger White Magnesium Plate

Super agile, super light.. Super plate. Avenger magnesium is 25% lighter than the Avenger aluminum.
190,00 ₽

Sure-Grip Century

Polished spring steel plates come with adjustable toe stops, jump bars, and 15 degree double-action trucks.
121,50 ₽