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Roller Derby Wheels

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Roller Bones Turbo Speed Single Wheel

The Long Awaited Bones Turbo Wheel! Sold separately.

Roller Bones Turbo Speed Wheels

The Long Awaited Bones Turbo Wheel! Sold in 8 Pack.

Sure Grip Fugitive Speed Wheels - 8 Pack

Sure-Grip's performance urethane with a nylon, solid-core design. Sold in 8 Pack.

Sure Grip Zombie Wheels

All Zombie wheels are made in the USA. Zombie wheels feature anodized aluminum hubs for maximum durability and precise feel while maintaining rock solid stability. This allows our unique urethane compounds to deliver all your power to the floor. Choose the Zombie combination that fits your skating style and surface.

Sure-Grip Fugitive MID Speed Wheel

All-new narrow version of the Fugitive Wheel.
$69.95 $63.89

Sure-Grip Sugar Wheels 4 pack

Sugar is the original and still the best, do not settle for toxic knock-offs.