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Sure-Grip Double Action Urethane Cushions (Complete Set of 8)

Urethane Cushions in Super Cones or Regular, come in 4 colors of your choice & give the skater extreme control!

The all-new Super cushions are made of an advanced high rebound clear urethane that provides greater turning while increasing the return energy upon compression. These cushions are state of the art and incorporate an entirely new type of high rebound urethane, unlike anything ever made. These new super cushions provide more durability over standard cushions and will give your Sure-Grip plates a more consistent roller skating action. These cushions are a standard “CH535” size and will fit most every Sure-Grip double action plate. Originally they were designed to be used in the new XK-4 DA45 plate that that utilizes these new cushions along with a special conical cushion. This is a major step forward in roller skate cushion design and we hope that it will lead to using this technology in all of our plates. Will not fit Classic plates.


  • Color/Hardness: ; Yellow 79A-Soft; Blue 72A-Extra Soft; Purple 85A-Medium; Red 93A-Hard 
  • Set of 8 for a pair of skates
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